Online Dance Classes


Always thinking of our students and taking into account the travel limitations, we have reinvented ourselves so that from the comfort of your home you can access our classes online.

What do you need?
– Cell phone or computer with internet connection.
– Program or application required according to type of class (details below)
– Willing to learn and have a good time.

At the moment, only Private Classes, Group classes and our 10-hour Special Offer are available. We are working to enable the rest of the modalities. Attentive to our social networks.


It is about a personalized class in which work a teacher for each student.

If the student is a novice , the teacher begins teaching the basic techniques of the dance and depending on the level of receiving and the number of classes the student want to take they follow a learning program of the dance.

In the case, the student already know how to dance they make a test to qualified the student and know the difficulties of each dance. Based on the test the teachers make recommendations for the student to improve they level and up to this the teacher begins to work with the student.

  • Personalized classes with a teacher for each student for 1 hour: 18 EUR.
  • Personalized classes with a teacher for each student for 2 hours: 30 EUR.

Necessary application or program: Skype or WhatsApp



If you want to take classes with a group of friends from a distance, you will have the possibility of participating in a class with a privileged price. In this case, we will work with a pair of teachers teaching both the feminine and masculine styles and the steps in pairs.

There is no minimum number of hours, you can work in a group from a 1 hour class, but it is recommended to do a minimum of 2 hours so that learning is better.

  • Starting at 5 EUR depending on the number of people (Ask for price)

Required application or program: Zoom.


It is a personalized dance course, in which one teacher works for each student. They are classes of 1 hour duration totaling 10 hours and the course can start any day of the week.

You can choose a single dance or do a combination of several of them. This assessment is recommended to be done jointly with the teacher.

  • 10 hours of classes, adjustable according to your availability. 130 EUR.

Necessary application or program: Skype or WhatsApp


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